Applying for a Place

We have challenging ambitions for your child and a commitment to you to:


  • Care for your child’s safety and well-being; contacting you if there are any concerns; keeping you informed of your child’s progress and how you can be active partners in your child’s learning at home;
  • Provide a balanced and appropriate curriculum to meet your child’s individual needs, delivered through high quality teaching and learning;
  • Promote high standards of work and behaviour and provide clear guidelines for your child so that they may enjoy and achieve;
  • Ensure your child is given opportunities to achieve their full potential as a valued member of the College and to be able to make a positive contribution to the wider community;
  • Promote the moral, cultural and social development as well as the academic skills of your child;
  • Provide an organised, effective and well-resourced learning environment within which students feel valued and learn to respect and co-operate with one another;
  • Be open and welcoming at all times.


How to apply for a place:

For children born between 1 September 2006 and 31 August 2007 starting secondary school in September 2018.

Online at:

Alternatively you can request a paper application by calling the School Placement and Admissions team on 01895 556644.

National offer day is Wednesday 1 March 2018.

If you applied online, you can view the result of your offer online from the evening of Thursday 1st  March 2018 (after 5pm).

If you submitted a paper application, your offer will be posted on 1st March 2018.

The deadline to send back your acceptance or decline the offer is 15th March 2018.

Please Note: You must accept your offer to secure your school place.


For all other enquiries, please contact the College Admissions Officer directly by email at:


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