We are proud of our team of dedicated professionals who work tirelessly to support us in achieving our goals.

The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust as sponsor, is responsible for a number of schools and colleges, including Hewens College. As part of its remit, the Trust continues to drive up standards, being fully committed to the further development of its provision for its stakeholders. The Hewens College Local Advisory (Governing) Body (LAB) is therefore required to meet formally each term before reporting to the Academy Board as part of Governance Day, involving the Members and Directors. 

The LAB consists of community (co-opted) members, parents, guardians, carers and staff. The skills sets, expertise and commitment of each individual are fundamental, as the LAB is critical to the work of Hewens College and overall governance arrangements of the Trust. Accordingly, the Hewens College LAB is made up as follows:

Marie Ashley, Chair  [Email:]

Councillor Peter Curling, Community

Zainab Jamil, Parent

Ian O'Connor, Executive Principal

Catriona Lund, Associate Principal 


Marie Ashley head sh Marie Ashley

Having more than 10 years’ previous experience as a governor, Marie Ashley has an excellent understanding of education with experience of ensuring children’s needs are met.  With children attending College, she is passionate about learning and being part of supporting children in their journey through the LAB.  With a background in Environmental Health and a senior manager with human resources experience, there can be no doubt that Marie is very well placed to be an extremely effective member of the LAB. 

[27.02.17 to 27.02.22]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

Thumbnail CllrPCURLING web-1 Councillor Peter Curling

In addition to his duties as a local councillor, Peter Curling is a governor at two schools in the borough and Trustee of two local charities, The Fassnidge Memorial Trust and HART (Hillingdon AIDS Response Trus).  Before entering politics, Peter was heavily involved in local radio, Hospital Radio Hillingdon, where he is still a member.  Peter also has a full time job as a Network Computing Officer at Brunel University.  He is part of the Connect team, who develop and maintain various services that fall under the umbrella of BYOD (Bring Your Own Device).  This includes the ResNet and Wifi networks throughout the University campus. 

[01.08.13 to 01.08.18]  (No pecuniary interest declared]

Thumbnail ZJAMIL web-1 Zainab Jamil

As a parent of three children educated on the Hewens campus, Zainab Jamil is well placed to give constructive appraisal of the progress Hewens is making and actively participate in shaping the future through her contribution to the Local Advisory Body.   As a former Accounts Manager, she continues to build on her knowledge and skills, keeping up-to-date with information technology.  Having gained a great deal of experience over time through governance of the primary phase, Zen relishes the opportunity to assist the College to ensure that each student has the best education possible.

 [31.10.17 to 31.10.21] (No pecuniary interest declared)

Thumbnail IOCONNOR web-1 Ian O'Connor

Ian O’Connor is passionate about standards and in his role as Executive Principal of the Secondary Phase, is ambitious for the students, recognising the importance of establishing a culture of excellence.  His MSc in Computer Science, together with his professional background and National Professional Qualification in Headship (NPQH) means that he is well placed to oversee the delivery of the ICT strategy and manage on-going and sustained improvement across The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust.

[01.08.11 to 01.08.21]  [No pecuniary interest declared]

 Cat Lund Catriona Lund

Catriona Lund is committed to achieving the highest possible standards.  Through standard operating procedures and the sharing of good practice, Mrs Lund leads by example to secure academic progress so that students can reach their full potential.   Always keen to develop teaching and learning through collaboration, she is an advocate for cross-curricular activities to improve the learning experience.  Having worked in middle and senior leadership roles for several years, Mrs Lund is well-respected by students and their families.  She values Languages as part of the overall learning experience; always promoting good behaviour and communication skills as key to success.  

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