Vive les crêpes (Long Live the Pancakes!) 4/03/19

To celebrate Chandeleur, which is the Catholic holiday of Candlemas, celebrated every year with a feast of pancakes (crêpes) in February and to celebrate the end of a successful half term, students in Form 7T took part in a pancake (crêpe) cooking session in our bespoke food technology room on Friday 15th February. They had previously learned what ingredients they would need to make their pancakes and toppings as well as the method of cooking them, all in French! On the day, students followed the recipe, which was written in French, meticulously. After a successful pancake flip by Hussein, everyone chose their favourite toppings from bananas (bananes), raisins (raisins), syrup (sirop), honey (miel), jam (confiture) and Nutella and then ate their own delicious creations! All the students enjoyed cooking their pancakes and were able to explain their choice of toppings in French! This was an excellent opportunity for the students to use their newly acquired knowledge of French outside of the classroom, as well as improve their confidence in speaking the language. 

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