Year 8 Forensic CSI Trip to Brunel 14/10/19

    On Wednesday 2nd October, a group of Year 8 students went to Brunel University for a fun and educational science workshop experience. The workshop was entitled ‘Dead on time’, and students had to solve a real-life case using forensic science such as toxicology, where they tested different substances related to the case. This also involved finger printing techniques, where students were given step by step instructions to remove finger prints from a crime scene – which they were able to achieve with much accuracy. Students were also taught how to analyse a suspect’s DNA and use various forms of evidence provided to determine from a list of six suspects, who the criminal in the case investigated was. The activities that they had to carry out allowed them to communicate and collaborate effectively, whilst expressing themselves and respecting the views of their peers. They explored different ideas and were able to make conclusions based on reasoned arguments and evidence. They also participated in a quiz competition with other students from different schools and we are delighted to announce that our students won the quiz! Overall it was an excellent day and the students thoroughly enjoyed themselves.

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