Powering Potential Mentoring Programme 14/02/20

    On Thursday 6th February, six selected Post 16 students attended the 4th and last session of the Powering Potential mentoring programme at DELL, organised by The Transformation Trust. The programme was delivered over 4 sessions, where the students had the chance to explore and practice four of the main skills required in the world of work:

    • Confidence and Team Building (Session 1)

    • Networking (Session 2)

    • Idea Generation (Session 3)

    • Pitching and Presenting (Session 4)

    The sessions were facilitated by DELL volunteers, mentors and motivational speakers. Students had the chance to interact with employers and employees from business and Information Technology (IT) industries, and had the possibility to meet like-minded students from a variety of schools and colleges.

    Sessions were highly interactive and students partook in several activities where they were required to interact with other students, solve problems and address challenges as well as, practice pitching and presenting in a business-like style. 

    All the students who participated highly enjoyed their time at DELL and they developed and grew over the course of the programme. We are looking forward to taking part in the Powering Potential mentoring programme again next year.

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