Hewens College embarks on an Unexpected Adventure... 29/06/20

    The week beginning Monday 8th June, students across all year groups embarked on an unexpected medieval fantasy-themed learning adventure run by the English and Languages Alliance. Students were tasked with an urgent mission to deliver a secret message across the mountains to the “Hewens Elders”. They navigated through an interactive story and completed a series of tasks that explored the 6 R’s of the College: Respectful, Rational, Reflective, Resourceful, Responsible, Resilient.

    Towards the end of their journey, students traversed deep forests where they completed logic puzzles and gathered cryptic clues, proving their ability to think rationally. On the final day, they unlocked the urgent coded message to the Hewens Elders: “In the classroom, stay at least two metres away from each other,” proving their responsible natures.

    These are the cornerstones of how we deal with all situations at Hewens and believe that in demonstrating the 6 R’s every day, our students will become positive members of our community. Last week, students left us in no doubt that they are all of the above.

    On Monday, students traversed dangerous mountains and cave systems and had to demonstrate resourcefulness, by designing a set of armour to keep them safe during their journey, bake essential foodstuffs and learn a secret language (Pig Latin) to prevent their messages from being understood by enemy spies.

    The following two days, students demonstrated respect, resilience and reflectiveness as they encountered unexpected dangers on their journey, made new Elvish and Orcish friends and discovered new cultures. They wrote journals and poems about their feelings and also produced some stunning posters and drawings of how they feel about current events.

    A huge well done to all those who participated in the adventure and produced some outstanding work. We are all very proud of your hard work and efforts.

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