The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust Sports Day 2019

The Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust Sports Day 2019 – Thursday 11th July

I am delighted to inform you of our annual Trust Sports Day, which will be taking place on Thursday 11th July. In preparation, students will complete a series of field events.

The field events will be taking place at Hewens College and if your child has been selected to represent their Alliance, they will be participating in one of the following events:

  • Shot Putt
  • Javelin
  • Discus
  • Long Jump
  • 800m Race
  • Wellie Throw

The field events will be taking place on the following dates:

  • Monday 8th July 9:00am – 11:00am - Year 8 (competitors only)
  • Wednesday 10th July 9:00am – 11:00am - Year 11 (competitors only)
  • Friday 12th July 9:00am – 11:00am - Year 10 (competitors only)


The events will start at 8:45am where your child will go directly to the changing rooms. The weather is currently unpredictable and we advise that during Sports Day your child comes prepared with a raincoat, a bottle of water, a sun hat and applied sunscreen to ensure they are well protected while they are competing. Any student participating in the field events on the dates above will need to come to college in their college uniform and bring their full Hewens College PE kit. No students will be permitted to compete if they are not in the correct kit.


On Thursday 11th July, all students will be off timetable to participate in a variety of sporting events. Students are expected to arrive in their full Hewens College PE kit and they will spend the morning competing for their Alliance. All students and staff will walk from Hewens College to Rosedale College at 12:40pm and selected students will compete in track events for their Alliance. At the end of events at approximately 3:30pm, students will be dismissed from Rosedale College and they are allowed to go home directly from there.


If you have any questions regarding the Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust Sports Day, do not hesitate to contact me.


Yours faithfully,


Matthew Reeves

Senior Assistant Principal

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