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  • Bushcraft Session

    Bushcraft Session


    From the week commencing Monday 10th May, The Hewens College Bushcraft session concentrated on reclaiming the space back from the wild to a more useable area for our students.

  • Bushcamp



    Our Year 10 Bushcamp group had their orientation session during the week commencing Monday 26th April.

  • An Afternoon of Musicals

    An Afternoon of Musicals


    Hewens College students were extremely excited by the whole college auditions that were held at lunchtime on Thursday 29th April for the upcoming production of ‘An Afternoon of Musicals’.

  • Dancing Mathematics

    Dancing Mathematics


    In Mathematics, our Year 7 students learnt about types of angles during the spring term. Using dance to consolidate angles learnt in Mathematics is a different way to help students appreciate Mathematics as well as demonstrating a more interesting wa...

  • Pancake Making

    Pancake Making


    In celebration of Shrove Tuesday, our Key Stage 3 students have been busy learning how to make pancakes as part of their Food Technology lessons.

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