Year 10 Engineering Lesson 21/10/19

This half term, our Year 10 Engineering students are presently studying ‘Component 1: Exploring Sectors and Design Applications’
in the BTEC Technical Award course. Students have been learning how to produce engineering technical drawings that meet the
general principles of presentation and the requirements of the British standards (BS). They have looked at types of lines and numbers used in technical drawings and have then moved on to constructing basic isometric shapes using drawing equipment such as drawing boards and set squares.
Students have also been learning about various engineering sectors. The engineering sector seeks to employ people with a range
of different skill sets, working together to produce engineering products. Students were introduced to civil engineering and were set
a task of planning and constructing a model of a town that includedroads, buildings and other facilities. Our students enjoyed working in teams and produced some interesting layouts of their town planningideas. The project reinforced their knowledge and understanding of some of the activities carried out by civil engineers and the students have produced some fantastic models.


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