Making Bridges Challenge 9/10/20

In Mathematics this half term, the students in Year 9 are making bridges. Students are using around 200 lollipop sticks to build a bridge that is 14 inches long and can support 5 kilograms of weight. However, the challenge is for the bridge to be strong enough to support 10 kilograms, requiring students to be constructive, creative and think strategically. Some students have come equipped with their own glue guns and superglues, thus greatly improving the speed at which they build and the strength of their structures. One group had to restart their bridge because their support buckled, but now these ‘building supplies’ have been put to better use to elongate and strengthen their bridge. Students will be evaluated on the aesthetics, bridge specifications (number of lollipop sticks and type of glue used), strength (how much weight the bridge can hold) and width of the bridge.

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