Lateral Flow Testing 22/03/21

Over the first two weeks of our return to college, students who have consented have taken the quick-result coronavirus (COVID-19) tests in order to identify asymptomatic carriers of COVID-19.

At college, we have executed a testing station on site, manned by trained staff who have directed students every step of the way. We have included all safety measures to ensure a protected and
secure environment for all our community.

For many of our students, returning to college may have been an added source of anxiety in already uncertain times. There are many reasons why returning to college may feel difficult right now
and young people may experience a range of emotions including anxiety, worry, sadness, irritability and fear! We are, however, pleased to announce that our students have coped well with the
tests, and after the initial dubious feeling, they soon realised that it was all very quick, easy and unpretentious. 

After the initial programme of three tests in college, students have now been provided with two rapid tests to use each week at home. There will be more information on how this roll-out is going, in due course.

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