An Afternoon of Musicals 4/05/21

Hewens College students were extremely excited by the whole college auditions that were held at lunchtime on Thursday 29th April for the upcoming production of ‘An Afternoon of Musicals’. 

Students were taught a short phrase of dance moves that they were required to remember and complete during the audition process. Using a music list provided by the Music teacher, the ‘musicians’ and ‘singers’ were expected to prepare a song to perform on the day. The Drama teacher also provided the ‘up and coming actors’ of the College with a script to allow them to get into character and prepare a monologue, that was then performed in front of the judges. 

All students practised their dance moves, surpassed their singing voices and swotted their acting in readiness for the auditions. We would like to take this opportunity to say well done to all students that were involved; you were all accomplished superstars on the day!

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