Hewens College Accredited with CPD Bronze Award 21/06/21

As a result of the College’s commitment to staff training through enrolling our staff onto the Continuing Professional Development (CPD) programmes, Hewens College has been awarded the bronze We heart CPD badge from Best Practice Network and Outstanding Leaders Partnership.

The CPD Mark recognises the College’s proactive approach to the professional development of its staff. Hewens College has demonstrated a continuous improvement of staff professional development with the aim not only to boost staff performance, retention and morale, but also to ensure this has a strong impact on student outcomes. Teachers are consistent in their approach and have high expectations of all students. This together with the overall quality of teaching and  learning and strong leadership, ensures that all students reach their potential.

Our recent accreditation is manifested through the College’s andragogical approach and the significance placed on strong staff development, engendering an ethos where all staff and students continue to progress. We are honoured to have received this award in recognition of our commitment to staff training and will continue to support the transfer of training back to the classrooms whilst supporting staff in delivering stimulating and enriching lessons.

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