Science Taster 5/07/21

On Monday 28th June, a number of Year 6 pupils from local primary schools visited Hewens College to take part in a stimulating, spine-tingling, hair-raising Science taster session! 

What if you were told that the ink in your pen was a mixture of multiple colours combined to create that one colour? For some, this may seem preposterous, however Science proves otherwise! 

The pupils carried out an investigation which involved them separating the colours in each felt tip pen to identify how components in a mixture will interact with a liquid and an absorbent material, allowing for separation to occur. They dotted their chromatography paper with each colour before placing it in a beaker. The children then added sufficient water to observe how the water travels up by capillary action and the effect this has on each of the colours. They were fully engaged throughout the session and to their amazement, identified the various. colours that were used in each of the felt tips pens, producing great results which they used to complete their chromatography passport!

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