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Performing Arts

Exploring Freedom and Hewens College

For Spring 1, our Year 8s are discussing contemporary issues such as government corruption, violence and substance abuse, learning how to turn these issues into a conversation via performance. This is leading on from last term where students were able to explore the topic ‘Freedom’ and dissect the meaning of the word while translating it into a performance art.

They are exploring their own opinions in depth on such topics and as a team, they will portray their own morality through and within those stories.

The Year 7s are exploring foundational elements of Performing Arts. Last term, the students used mime to tell a story. This term, they are expanding their bodily awareness by starting their first choreographed performances with a special focus on the terms “over”, “under”, “on” and “through”, and will identify transitional movements and the relationship to space, music and time. They are tapping into their own creativity to create an entertaining and well thought out performance.