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Compass Workshop

We have just completed our annual Compass Workshops at the three primary schools within the Trust. The selected participants were given booklets to work through during the sessions. The students were overall actively engaged and very cooperative to work with. The Year 8 students from Hewens College went as Mathematics coaches to assist the KS2 students with using the compasses, while developing their own communication, leadership, problem solving and social skills. These students did really well as they got the chance to meet, help and teach the younger children. The workshop was designed to:

1. Build confidence in using the compass;

2. Provide an introductory Mathematics GCSE lesson before starting KS3;

3. Promote active learning through direct interaction between KS3 and KS2 students;

4. Reinforce the learning and skills of the student coaches;

5. Cater for all different ability groups for greater understanding;

6. Enhance interest in Mathematics through real life links.