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Vision and Values

We encourage all our students to strive continually to achieve their personal best. 

We are ambitious for each individual and through our innovative curriculum and structure, seek to build self-esteem and raise aspirations. Our intensive and systematic monitoring and tracking of students ensures that they receive appropriate support at all times during their school career.   

We believe in education in its broadest sense. Extra-curricular activities are of the utmost importance and an integral part of the overall education of our students. We run a programme of events, which both complements coursework and also offers other unique experiences.

Great importance is placed on communication with our parents, guardians and carers.  Consultation and academic tutoring meetings for students and their parents, guardians and carers provide the opportunity to discuss, in detail, progress and achievement as well as the way forward. 

Hewens is an inclusive College.  We work hard to create a community in which all individuals feel valued. We believe that a community thrives when it is built upon respect; respect for individuals, for the environment, for property. Ours is a College where good manners are important. We want our students to grow into polite, considerate and responsible members of society. Our aim is supported by our policy of rewarding achievement and by the opportunities we provide for adopting responsible positions within the College.

We provide an atmosphere which enables our students to acquire a wide range of knowledge, skills and practical abilities.  We strive for excellence in all we do.  Our college ethos is built around the 6 R’s of: 

Respectful  Responsible  Reflective  Resourceful  Rational  Resilient

These R’s are used as a cornerstone in how we deal with all situations at our college and how we reward students. We believe that by demonstrating the R’s every day, students will become positive members of their college and local community. 

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