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Diversity Org

Diversity Org came to Hewens College to speak to our students about their future career options. Diversity Org is a global non-profit organisation with the aim and purpose of providing networking opportunities for students who may be disenfranchised in their prospects, giving them access to information about corporate, high-in- come careers. Diversity Org act as a mediator between minority underrepresented students and multi-billion-dollar companies in 3 distinct ways:

1 - Assemblies - to teach how to obtain high-income jobs and fulfilling careers.

2 - Workshops - to teach students social and professional development.

3 - Apprenticeships - to connect students with corporate partners as interns, apprentices, and entry-level employees.

The Diversity Org are currently in partnership with the following companies: • Warner Media (HBO, CNN, Cartoon Network, DC Comics),

• Versace,

• Michael Kors,

• Jimmy Choo,

• JPMorgan Chase (Chase Bank),

• Verizon,

• Blackstone,

• Viacom (MTV, BET, VH1, Paramount Pictures

• Peloton and more!

Overall, through each of these methods, Diversity Org seek to enrich the students personally and professionally by giving knowledge on, and granting access to, networking experiences and opportunities which would have otherwise been inaccessible. Delivering these assemblies to all groups in-person is one way in which Diversity Org try to communicate that these companies are within reach.