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London Tech Week

On Thursday 15th June students from Hewens College had the opportunity to participate in the 10th anniversary of London Tech week - The A.I SUMMIT - alongside other students within the Trust. This was made possible through the Rosedale Hewens Academy Trust’s partnership with Diversity org. Students interacted with big name businesses during the summit, including Shutterstock, IMB and Google. The students also took part in a Career Exposure Panel workshop where speakers from Google and the University of Surrey shared their education and career pathways. This appeared to encourage and give insight into prospects and potential pathways open to the students to take in their own journeys.

Our students had the following comments about the event: • “I loved the mentioning of software engineering as I want to do that as well for my career now” • “I enjoyed the inclusiveness and the knowledge that they shared with us” • “I liked that the people were interactive and had useful information” • “I really enjoyed the interactive elements to include the audince.