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Martial Art

Lunchtimes at Hewens Library is a buzzing centre for clubs and extracurricular activities! Recently, we launched our self-defence club for Key Stage 4 girls, which runs every Tuesday at break and lunch times. The club is led by our Librarian, Miss Kabir, who is trained in Karate, Boxing, and Mixed Martial Arts. Our amazing co-instructor and student, Charmaine Harris, trains extensively in Jiu Jitsu. Both instructors are trained Martial Artists, with plenty of knowledge and skills to share. The purpose of our class is to teach Martial Arts on two levels: firstly, for students to develop a psychological and philosophical understanding of tenets of discipline, respect and self-control. With these principles in mind, the girls are simultaneously learning the physical and practical skills of blocking and evading attacks, grappling and counter-attacking. The latter techniques are always used as a last resort and the classes are designed to help the girls outmanoeuvre and fight off bigger and stronger attackers in the outside world. The girls have joined the class to learn how to defend themselves, while doing so in a safe and controlled environment. If your child is interested in joining the class, please direct them to Miss Kabir, who will provide them with more information.