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  • Achievement Assemblies

    Published 20/02/24

    Over the last week of the term, all year groups attended various Achievement Assemblies in recognition of their efforts. The assemblies celebrated the achievements of all students who had portrayed fantastic progress with respect to behaviour, attendance and accruing Alliance points. We would like to congratulate all the high achievers and hope that they continue to strive for continued excellence next term.

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  • Are you a Carer?

    Published 06/02/24

    Are you a Carer?

    Hillingdon have released the attached guide to provide carers with more information on the support available from the Local Authority.

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  • Home Baking

    Published 02/02/24

    Our Year 9 students worked towards their home baking skills. Students were very pleased with the outcomes as they played around with the various ingredients such as herbs, spices, cinnamon and nutmeg to help enhance flavours in their pastry cooking. They learnt that using honey instead of sugar makes it a healthier option.

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  • STEM Generation Programme

    Published 29/01/24

    Hewens College welcomed members from SPARK and volunteers from Heathrow Airport who delivered a Heathrow STEM Generation programme which is a free 2-hour workshop to schools in Hillingdon for Year 8 students. The main aim of the workshop is bringing careers at Heathrow to life (focusing on engineering, but with an awareness of the vast array of careers available) as well as using the Skillsbuilder framework to cover the skills required by employers. The students participated in an interactive challenge where they worked in teams of four or three to code a BBC micro:bit to navigate a :Move Motor vehicle across an A2 map of Heathrow Terminal 5.Students were very engaged throughout the 2-hour session and did well in attempting to programme the vehicle to navigate the set path. This was a fantastic opportunity for students to be connected with one of the largest employers in West London, questioning the volunteers, as well as developing their skills to support their decision making for GCSE options.

    For further information, please visit the SPARK website at :


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  • New Online Parent, Guardian or Carer Drop-In Support Group

    Published 22/01/24

    The Centre for ADHD & Autism Support are delighted to be offering a new NWL parent/carer drop-in support group, held on Zoom on Wednesday evenings and Monday mornings for those whose children/young people are or are suspected to be ADHD/autistic.

    Online Parents Drop-In Poster (PDF) [2MB]

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  • London Dungeons Visit

    Published 22/01/24

    Our Year 8 students embarked on a thrilling historical journey at The London Dungeons where they encountered vivid recreations of gruesome events of the past. From the Great Fire to Jack the Ripper, the immersive experience sparked a lot of excitement in students. Through the interactive exhibits, they learned about London’s dark past, discovering the resilience of its people. The combination of fear and fascination installed a lasting impression. Overall, it was a very enjoyable time and the students learned a great amount about London’s history.

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  • Butterfly Kites

    Published 17/01/24

    Year 7 students have practised patterns in textiles, starting with origami butterflies. The function of the butterflies was then tested on the playground to mark distance. In coming weeks, our next steps will be to create patterns with mathematical accuracy and vibrant colours. Students had a great time creating their butterflies, using their creativity and incorporating both mathematics and science into their textiles learning.

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    Published 09/01/24

    Helping you live well this winter

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  • Vegan Meatballs

    Published 24/11/23

    Over the weeks students in Year 8 have been looking and experimenting with alternative foods for meat.  Vegan meatballs were on the menu and to the surprise of the students they were very taken to the non-meat foods.  Making a very tasteful sauce to go with it from fresh ingredients really gave them an insight to home cooking and using even the dreaded mushroom does add flavour to the sauce. Getting the basics right in the classroom really allowed the students to see that the simplest of recipe can be made at home. Students had a great time cooking and enjoyed tasting their creations too.

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  • What University? What Career?

    Published 17/11/23

    On Friday 10th November 2023, Year 11 students went to Olympia, London to attend the “What University? What Career?” event. Hewens College students were among various other students from other schools, all eager to find out information about their Post 16 and Post 18 choices. Most students found the event really useful, speaking directly to employers and university representatives about university courses and apprenticeships at from Level 3 (equivalent to A-levels) to Level 7 (equivalent to Masters degree). The students gained lots of knowledge and they feel more equipped to make informed choices about the future

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  • GCSE Success

    Published 10/11/23

    Hewens College organised a successful GCSE success evening where we welcomed Year 11 students and their parents, guardians and carers to give them top tips on how to revise for their upcoming GCSE examinations. The session also provided them with some valuable revision resources. The evening was well attended by students with positive mindsets to reach their full potential; we are sure with some solid hard work they will reach that. Good luck!

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  • Army Visit

    Published 03/11/23

    Hewens College had the pleasure of welcoming three Army Soldiers to meet with Year 7, 8 and 9 students. Students took part in a STEM project where they worked in teams to build a catapult from materials and then had the opportunity to fire a tennis ball using their catapult, measuring its distance. Students were engaged throughout the session and thoroughly enjoyed the experience

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